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 Best Diamond Jewellery Gift Ideas

Every year, some particular days call out for a special gift. These occasions include a milestone moment,  wedding,  anniversary,  birthday, Valentine’s Day, mothers day etc. Let me tell you. Every woman loves jewellery, especially some glittering pieces. If you want to buy special jewellery for the special one, it will …

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Aging Hair Care 

During a course of time hair ages, gets tired of styling, coloring, chemical treatments and all the teasing and can become dull, weak, more worse, start thinning, falling out. The roots of a problem mostly lies down in nutrition, daily habits and genes but a big portion of hair health …

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The art of matching the navy suit with the right shirt

The saying that apparel proclaims the man is quite true. Even though we are taught not to judge a man by his outward appearance, it is a fact that people are often judged by what they wear. To create an impression, we have to dress according to the situation and …

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