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5 Crucial Benefits of Wearing Quality Makeup Finishing Powder

Makeup finishing powder will give your makeup the final touch you need to look your best. Whether you’re going to an event or just running errands, finishing powder helps set your makeup so that you can go without worrying about your foundation smearing or getting sweaty and sliding off of your face as the day goes on. It also provides even coverage so that you can hide uneven spots or any dark circles under your eyes with ease. Here are three benefits of wearing quality makeup finishing powder.

1.   Helps Lock-Up Make-Up Keeping It Looking Fresh

It can help lock makeup in place and keep it looking fresh all day. Quality finishing makeup powder is handy if you have oily skin because skin oils make makeup melt off quickly. Many powders are also non-comedogenic, meaning they don’t clog pores and cause breakouts as some traditional face powders do. After you apply your regular makeup, you can create a flawless look that stays on longer by using a finishing powder.

If you are thinking about wearing makeup but concerned with how well it will stay put, investing in makeup finishing powder could be your best bet. However, read reviews before making your purchase so that you exactly know what works best for oily skin types, from matte options body shimmer powder to sheer varieties infused with light coverage pigments. Most people can use finishing powder in place of blotting papers or oil control sheets. A little goes a long way! Apply it very lightly at first, and increase until you find what works for you.

2.   Creates A Polished Look On Your Face

When you wear makeup finishing powder, it not only helps to prevent your makeup from smudging or wearing off throughout your day, but it also helps to create a polished look on your face. Without using powder, many makeup products can seem heavy and caked. But by using finishing powder after applying foundation, blush, and eye shadow, you help give yourself a more natural look. It’s crucial that your makeup takes a natural look and have that perfect glow! However, always remember you win when you wear quality makeup finishing powder.

3.   Provides Comfortable Coverage For Uneven or Dark Spots

Using a finishing powder can help prevent your other products from showing signs of wear as quickly. Quality makeup finishing powder will provide more coverage for your face and neck area than other types of makeup. Thus, this kind of makeup also helps to even out dark spots and redness caused by acne breakouts or irritation from shaving. It also evens out skin tone to give you an overall more polished look.

4.   Allows You To Layer Your Cosmetics Without Caking

The most significant benefit of wearing finishing powder is that it lets you layer your cosmetics without any fear of caking. You can apply a medium coverage foundation and still apply your finishing powder, creating full coverage where needed. The other great thing about using a good finishing powder is that it absorbs excess oil on your face, which means you don’t have to touch up quite as often throughout the day. Hence, it helps your makeup last longer, so you don’t have to redo anything at any point during the day!

5.   A Good Partner If You Have An Oily Skin

If you have oily skin and tend to look shiny in less than an hour, using a finishing powder can help keep your skin looking matte for more extended periods—it absorbs oil and helps keep pores clean. However, for best results, apply at least fifteen minutes before heading out so that the oils have time to absorb into your skin to provide a beautiful and flawless skin surface.


Many makeup finishing powders are on today’s market, but not all are created equal. The type of powder you use can significantly impact your skin and how long it looks its best. Before choosing any new powder, be sure to research all your options and read reviews from fellow users. Find a powder that works well for your skin type and gives you a finished look that lasts throughout the day. If you are wearing makeup, make sure you’re doing it right with the help of high-quality makeup finishing powder products, such as the Scott Barnes products. Not only do they create the perfect finish for your makeup, but they also keep your skin looking fresh and matte for hours on end.

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