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5 Of the Prettiest Shops in Milan You Should Visit

While you’re in Milan, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to go shopping. It is known as one of the fashion capitals of the world. There are plenty of options when it comes to stores and shops. From luxury shops to small boutiques, there is something for everyone to visit. Here are five of the prettiest shops in Milan that you shouldn’t miss.

1. Delphine Vintage

If you love vintage clothing, you can’t afford to miss this shop. You’ll find feminine, flowy garments from the 1800s to the 1970s. The shop itself is small and decorated beautifully. The pieces chosen emphasize the vintage nature of the store. Along the walls, you’ll see beautiful pieces of clothing, while the shop itself has walls in soft colors. While the shop mainly works with brands during the week for research purposes, you can go shopping on Fridays and Saturdays. If you have vintage clothing you want to donate, you can bring it with you as well.

2. Dolce and Gabbana

As far luxury stores go, Dolce and Gabbana have one of the most elegant. Dark marble and opulent finishings are throughout the store. Their decor emulates the refined clothing, accessories, and jewelry they have in the shop. Those who enjoy high-end items and a luxury shopping experience shouldn’t miss this store.

As shopping returns to standard levels, certain precautions are in place to help get back to normal. There are limits to how many guests can be in the store at once for certain shops. Most stores also require masks. These two precautions have helped get shopping back to normal so customers can enjoy the stores.

3. La DoubleJ

If you are a lover of prints, then La DoubleJ is a must-see. Patterns in bright color adorn the walls, showroom floor, chairs, and ceiling. It’s a maximalist print lover’s dream shop, so you should make time to see it. This store started as a vintage retailer but transitioned into ready-to-wear items. The founder is an American ex-pat and a fashion journalist that had a vision for a fun and bright shop. You are sure to find pieces that are fashionable and attractive.

4. L’Arabesque

This shop is a combination of a bookstore and a boutique. Try this impeccably decorated shop if you are looking for unusual or rare books. You can also find vintage clothing, furniture, and a cafe. This concept store is a must-see if you are nearby and are interested in glamourous boutiques and rare finds. You will not have trouble finding something interesting to purchase, and you can enjoy the intimate cafe.

5. Versace

Another luxury shop you should visit is the Versace flagship in Milan. You’ll find a carefully designed and placed mixture of contemporary and classical decor. The store itself is set up in a classical palazzo, while the decor showcases Versace’s modern and stylish feel. You’ll see elegant columns, LED-illuminated steps, and a beautiful facade. Marble is throughout the store, and you can see other contrasting and unexpected textures throughout your shopping experience. The flagship sells more than just clothing and accessories. You’ll also find home decor. If you are interested in finding luxury pieces, visit this shop.

Milan is a beautiful city with many beautiful stores to visit. If you enjoy shopping, Milan has something for you. No matter your budget, you won’t have a challenge finding unique and impressive pieces. If you want to visit particular stores, make a list to ensure you don’t miss anything and don’t forget to try new restaurants. However, if you have time, exploring the city is also beneficial. You never know what fun, beautiful boutique or store you’ll find next.

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