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Aging Hair Care 

During a course of time hair ages, gets tired of styling, coloring, chemical treatments and all the teasing and can become dull, weak, more worse, start thinning, falling out. The roots of a problem mostly lies down in nutrition, daily habits and genes but a big portion of hair health depends on hair care routine and products you use. If chosen wisely and used accordingly, hair care products can provide long-term beauty and health benefits for your locks. Aging hair especially requires a supplementary and individually designed hair care routine that would prevent locks from thinning and nourish them inside and out. So we are here to educate and help to create a personal aging hair care routine. 

Step 1. Start by applying shampoo, only to your roots, and gently massage the scalp while adding a little pressure with your fingertips. Head massage will encourage a better blood flow, remove  dead skin cells and ensure long-term hair growth. We recommend using T-LAB Professional Sapphire Energy Duo Shampoo rich in a blend of botanical extracts that helps to naturally increase hair strength while returning vitality, beautiful radiance to hair.

Step 2. Proper conditioner to revive lost natural oils and provide more moisture is an essential step while focusing on healthy hair in a long-term. Choose a conditioner according to your hair condition and needs at a time, that would offer hair strengthening and scalp revitalization. 

Step 3. To provide more volume and thickness to your locks use volume filler after washing your hair. Such products are designed for thin, rare, aging hair that lacks volume and energy. Hair filler lifts up the strands from the roots, adds volume, fullness and bounce to hair. 

Step 4. Be very careful and considerate with styling tools and products. Cut down on heat styling and try heat-free styling techniques. If you cannot resist straighteners or curling irons remember to apply heat protection and turn down the heat of tools you use. Prevent strands from any unnecessary negative influence to ensure long-term beauty and health. 

Step 5. Develop a healthy, balanced daily routine and diet. Ensure your meals are rich in protein, iron, vitamins A and C, antioxidants and healthy fats. These nutrients are essential for hair beauty and healthy glow. It is highly important to learn to cope with stress in order to stay positive, mentaly and physically healthy inside and out. 

This is the simplest 5 step routine to care for aging hair, feel free to customize the routine with steps you already have found effective for you. Do not forget to ensure balance in whatever you do in your life and share your tips and results with us @tlabprof_official. Take Care! 

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