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The art of matching the navy suit with the right shirt

The saying that apparel proclaims the man is quite true. Even though we are taught not to judge a man by his outward appearance, it is a fact that people are often judged by what they wear. To create an impression, we have to dress according to the situation and occasion. The first thing people notice about our dress is the color of our apparel. So we can see that the right color combination is essential in creating an impression. After all first impression is the best impression.

Earlier black had been considered as the soberest color for almost all formal occasions. But nowadays it is seen that navy suits have practically completely replaced black. One of the advantages of navy blue suits is that it can be used on various occasions if you chose the correct color combinations for the shirt type, pants, and other accessories.

Navy blue suit, which has become the most trending garment in recent times, has been worn by people for formal, semi-formal, and even informal occasions. It gives a very sharp and crisp look. It can make you look professional and stylish at the same time. It is your go-to option in case of an interview, for office, or even for a party. However, all the advantages of the suit go in vain if you style it wrong. Therefore you must know how you can style a navy suit correctly to elevate your looks.

 The suit has to be paired with a shirt and tie. The most important question you should be asking is what kind of shirt works well with the navy suit. What are the most suitable shirt colors for a navy suit? What colored shirt you must avoid wearing with a navy suit? We have to be very careful in selecting the shirt’s color to be used with a navy blue suit on various occasions. Unlike the black suit, a navy suit provides for a vast range of shirt colors that can be used with the suit.

Since the suit color is dark, for formal occasions, you should be choosing light-colored shirts. Colors like white, light pink, or light blue can work wonders in leveling up your style game. You can also opt for stripes or checks on your shirt. But in that case, make sure the tie is a solid color. If you are using a robust colored tie, then a classic white shirt would be the best option. Colorful ties should not be used with bright shirts. They can be used with quieter ties.

A combination of red and blue gives the impression of confidence, power, calmness, and trust. The colors which you shouldn’t choose are dark colors like brown or black. A black shirt would look terrible with a navy blue suit. So it must be avoided at any cost. The navy blue color looks close to those colors creating a not so impressive sight.

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